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Voicing Modes PDF charts & Videos:

All updates from the 1st edition to the 3rd edition: Voicing Modes Updates.

Some etudes from the first edition did not include TAB. Version 2.0 and on include standard notation and TAB. Updated etude charts here:

1. Phrygian Etude #1

2. Phrygian Etude #2

3. Aeolian Etude #1

4. Aeolian Etude #2

5. Magic 6th Etude #1

6. Magic 6th Etude #2

7. Diminished Etude #1

8. Diminished Etude #2

9. Stella by Starlight - Modal Sub changes

10. All The Things You Are - Modal Sub changes

11. Intro Video #1 "How to Voice a Mode"

12. Intro Video #2 "What are those Chord Bubble Diagrams?"

13. Voicing Modes Blues chapter "5 Tonal Sounds in Blues"

13. Voicing Modes tutorial "Phrygian"

Other charts: Youtube/FB/Instagram Videos:

Different kinds of C-minor
Harmonic Major Lullaby
Demented Portal Glue
Explorations from 4-7 (arpeggio stuff)
Major 7th (arpeggio) inversion Thing.
Harmony of the Blues
"Calibration exercise" (1-4-2-4-3-4-2-4 technique)
2-1-2-1 Arpeggios in Harmonic Minor
Bach Sarabande Double (Noel's fingering suggestions)
Dog Bark Blues in Ab